EIB Group: Juncker Plan, mobilized over EUR 50 billion investment

In 2015 EIB Group lends record EUR 84.5 billion and mobilises over EUR 50 billion investment under Investment Plan for Europe.

EIB Group Press Conference on 2015 Results, Mr Werner Hoyer - Copyright European Investment Bank Rights Free

During today's press conference in Brussels EIB Group President, Werner Hoyer, announced record lending in 2015, totalling EUR 84.5 billion, that will support investment in crucial infrastructure and improve access to finance across Europe and around the world.

In addition, during the last year the EIB Group – the European Investment Bank and the European Investment Fund – provided EUR 7.5 billion of new financing backed by the Investment Plan for Europe guarantee from the EU budget. This financing supported total investment worth more than EUR 50 billion.

“Europe needs to invest in innovation, innovation and more innovation, and that has been the EIB Group’s focus. In addition to achieving its goals and targets ahead of time, the EIB Group also launched investments under the Investment Plan for Europe, even before the European Fund for Strategic Investments was set up. We moved quickly and have mobilised over 50 billion euros in new investments since April.” said Hoye.

“We have also launched the European Investment Advisory Hub, the second pillar of the Plan. Now Europe also needs to make its regulation more investment-friendly, including by removing regulatory barriers and completing the internal market. This is the third element of the Investment Plan for Europe, and the Plan cannot succeed without it” added EIB Group President during today's press conference.  

Photo copyright : European Investment Bank Rights Free