Our Services

Our Services

Strategic positioning and institutional relations

bxeurWe support you in the definition and implementation of your positioning strategy through:

- preliminary analysis of benchmarking, competitors and possible areas of expansion

- planning of coherent actions for promotion, networking and construction of strategic partnerships in Italy and in Europe

- implementation of continuous and sharp activity of institutional relations at European, national and local level with public and private bodies and main stakeholders

Networking and international partnerships

NetworkingWe help you to maximize their ability to network in local and international contexts:

- identifying the best networks to join

- selecting the organizations in Italy and Europe that are more coherent with your needs and interests

- creating common networking actions with them, aimed at the acquisition of new skills and knowledge, the implementation of common projects and the launch of lobbying actions in and with the relevant public bodies

Training and capacity building

FormazioneWe help you to improve the knowledge and skills of your organization and your employees:

- analyzing needs and objectives, providing individual and collective training plans

- structuring tailored made courses on a wide range of EU related topics (project planning, management and reporting; European opportunities for specific sectors or areas; European policies and best practices ...)

- coordinating and managing training internships, training mobilities, to our own facilities and our partners’ ones


NewsWe always provide you with relevant, precise and detailed information on European Affairs:

- open or forthcoming calls for tender and tenders

- replicable good practices on the topics of your interest

- agenda of the main institutional, dissemination and networking meetings in Italy and Brussels

We create ad hoc newsletters, reports and insights to always provide you with the information you are looking for and in the way you prefer to receive it

Project proposals design and set up

ProjectWe provide you with a complete proposals design and set up service in response to European, national or regional calls/actions, taking care of all the phases of the project proposal:

- feasibility analysis and definition of the project idea

- partners research and definition of roles and budget of each

- filling in of official forms, working documents and budget drafts project submission and monitoring until approval

Management and reporting

Gestione-e-rendicontazioneWe take care of the project management in all its technical and procedural aspects, either in support to your internal dedicated teams or in outsourcing for you:

- managing the relations with the European Commission and other funding bodies and institutions

- definition and implementation of internal monitoring and control systems

- internal timing and deadline management

- budget monitoring and management

- interim and final reporting of the project

- financial reporting of expenses and external audit